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Mission Champion Devorah Burns


Mothers' Union - Christ Church, Freetown, Sierra Leone


Literacy is a big problem in Sierra Leone with only 24% of girls & 47% of boys being able to read & write by the age of 15. Traditional attitudes also mean that many people do not believe that girls need to be educated at all. Since 2002 the MU at Christ Church, Freetown have supported children through their education. The funds provided by Christ Church Epsom to the MU in Freetown in 2013 were given to four children, two boys & two girls to be used for educational purposes. The MU in Christ Church undertakes to support those children throughout the whole of their secondary schooling provided that they are able to stay on at school by passing the necessary yearly exams.



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Parish Office: (enquiries and correspondence)
Christ Church, Epsom Common, Christ Church Road, Epsom KT19 8NE (Map)
Telephone: 01372 743133 Email:
Registered as a charity with the Charities Commission Charity No. 1127945