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Mission Champion Elizabeth Martin

Umthombo in South Africa is a project working to support children living on the streets of Durban. Safespace offers the children a temporary secure place to sleep at night rather than sleeping on the streets. They run a nutrition programme which provides three meals a day and aim to give children back their self respect by teaching them football, surfing and many other activities..

Here are just a couple of their stories:

Ande says “On the streets I would hide from the Police and bad people and run from thunder and lightening because I was scared.  I followed the road for nearly 200 km until the road ended at the sea in Durban.  Now, through Umthombo, I play soccer and surf and with their help, I am going back to my home to live with my family.  Umthombo have helped all of us.  My step-mum is kind and she looks after me and my Aunt is the best”.

Ani twirls around on the side street in Durban - her clothes are dirty and her flip flops don’t match.  She is animated as she talks to an outreach worker from Umthombo.  By selling cigarettes to passers-by, she has made nearly £1 this morning.  “Today she says she feels lucky, she thinks she will make more money.”

Umthombo have developed highly focused, local responses to reach children on the streets.  These provide children with the opportunities and psychosocial support they need to leave the street, to realise their rights and secure their futures.

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