This is a contemporary praise service held on the 1st Sunday of the month in the evening.

It is usually led by a member of the clergy and a talented group of musicians and follows a spiritual theme. During this service we seek to draw closer to God through worship songs, scripture reading and discussion. There is often space for sharing of testimonies and prayer ministry. We are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and seek to be refreshed/ REVIVED by God.

REVIVE Praise Services 2018 - Deeper and Wider
1st Sunday Revive
7 January 2018 Work / Life Balance
4 February 2018 Pray as you can (not as you can't)
4 March 2018 Eco Church
1 April 2018 Resurrection People
6 May 2018 Parish Pilgtimage
3 June 2018 Listening Skills
1 july 2018 Summer Special Cafe Style
5 August 2018 Christian Politics
2 September 2018 Stop the world I want to get off!
7 October 2018 Tackling conflict
4 November 2018 Good choices
2 December 2018 Being salt and light

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